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After numerous trips (either out of town, or overseas); I've come to a conclusion on my beauty travel essentials.

* Almost 99% of the time I'd be dammed lazy to go through the entire routine. Usually I'd be out all day with lots of walking and would come back very late at night. I won't even wanna shower but that's non-negotiable.

* Of course when I pack for the trip I'd do the complete routine including makeup and all. But most of the time I couldn't even be bothered with foundation.

* I would however cleanse properly. Double cleanse. Scrub and masks; if any means I'm extra diligent. I occasionally will use sheet mask (when I will up myself to lie still and not busy taking pics of my loot). My multiple findings are scrub is a must too if the stay is longer than 4 days.

* Next a moisturising toner. Eye cream and then serum and moisturiser.  Because sleeping with air conditioning zaps my skin dry. For longer trip I'd pack sleeping mask.

For my recent 3 days trip here are the items I actually reached for.. consistently.

= cotton pads and ear buds. Useful to exfoliate with toner. You do clean your ears right?

= hair leave in conditioner. My long hair is giving me the ÷=£₩/_£@$ if I don't use something to condition. This is a repeated purchase. My long hair don't PMS on me when I spritz this on.

= lip balm. Well same like for skin. I can't stand tight dry lips.

= eye cream. Sachet sample is best and most convenient.

= serum and moisturiser. Same as eye cream.

= scissors. To cut those sachets. I hate to tear with hand as it would look disfigured (crazy).

= perfume. Alot of walking means potential body odour. Keep fresh and smell nice.

= panty liner. Hehehe I pack alot of these as I need to feel dry and fresh on the go.

However I do need to amp up on diligence in using sunscreen and some sheer foundation. After all I do wanna look good in pics! :)

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