Scentio Skin Refining & Whitening Scrub  

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I got this tube from Beauty Buffet (MBK outlet) when I was in Bangkok last March. In all honesty I was attracted to the milk carton packaging hehehe (I don't actually need another scrub :P ).

Scentio Says:
Milk Plus enhances exfoliating process, promotes the growth of healthy new skin cells, while milk essence and herbal extracts helps to moisturize and nourish your skin leaving it radiant and soft to the touch.

Contains milk essence, herbal extract, trypsin protein and natural fruit BHA.
The natural BHA and trypsin unclogs the skin's pores, promote the growth of healthy new skin cells and help to prevent the formation of acne.

Texture: Clear white gel, with super tiny bead bubbles (you can't actually feel the beads)
Nett Wt: 100 ml
Scent: The moment I squeeze it out, smells like sweet vanilla + coconut. Quite strong but not overpowering.
Price: Less than THB200
Other: Not tested on animals.

Foxy Says:
I love this! Remember Ginvera Marvel Gel - the cult product back in like a decade ago?
Hmm this is Thailand's own Marvel Gel I say... :)
I find this very gentle, does not "scratch the skin". Not bothered with the scent, but those who don't like coconut smell won't really like this product.

I reckon this Whitening Scrub is supposed to be used on dry skin; just like Marvel Gel. But with BB Cream on I always cleanse my face first and then pat it dry before I proceed with this scrub.

It took a little longer to ball up into dry flakes. Washes off pretty easily.
Skin feels smoother and brighter after each use. - Double check
Does it help to prevent acne? - This I don't think so.. I still have the occasional stubborn tiny spots..
Nevertheless, I think this is great and will repurchase.

Oh, a note to this. I really think it works best with completely dry skin.
I just used this tonight - feeling rather lazy after gym so I didn't really pat it dry. Was kinda damp when I smooth this gel on - It didn't work. It became creamy.. like cream cleanser. And feels sticky on my fingers.
So if you do get this, dry ya skin first ;)

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You're going to BKK again soon, I'm jealous haha!

I haven't step in Beauty buffet for some time, this seems not bad. But like you, I have few cleansing products on hand, better clear them off first. ^^

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