Maxis Broadband Is A Huge Disappointment  

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I have been using Maxis Broadband for about 2 months +, close to 3 now.
So far I don’t find it better than Streamyx, but not much of a complain since I need to work from hometown from time to time. Instead of applying another phone line for Streamyx, why not give wireless a try eh?

Big mistake.

I tried to login last night but once connected I couldn’t browse ANY website at all. All I got were Maxis pages, telling me the page I want is not available and I should contact Maxis. Another said I have exceeded my usage and should consider upgrading my subscription.

When I signed up, I clearly asked what would happen if I exceeded the usage limit. I was told that the speed would slow down a lot, can’t really download stuffs, BUT I could still SURF! That was why I ended up signing a year’s subscription.

I called the Toll Free number. DOES NOT WORK.
I think I called at least a dozen time – lines are always busy.
“Pls try again later”.
WTH? – You call this a “call-centre” ?

When I finally got to talk to a rep, I was told that Maxis had a policy change effective yesterday – 4th Jan 2010. Where once a user exceeded the usage limit, you no longer has access to the internet till your next billing date. Was there a communication in the form of SMS / Email / Mail to inform this?

Am I happy with this? – HECK NO.

So I now have 3 options:
1- Terminate my subscription and pay the penalty fees of RM200
2- Upgrade my subscription – pay more.
3- Wait till my next billing date to resume usage; and be contented.

I don’t like any of the above options. Maxis is not giving me a solution. I asked for his manager’s contact, and was put on hold for about 10-15 mins. Oh so you need that much time to get your “manager” on the line. And “the manager” can’t do nuts about it. Kept asking us to upgrade.

I then asked for his next level manager. He doesn’t know who!?
Can you believe this? A manager level employee doesn’t know who his superior is?

The Idiotic company sure hires a lot of Idiots. Was getting really mad so an ultimatum given to him –
“I give you 5 mins – come back with a name for me!” and yes, he did gave me a name within 5 mins.


As a customer, I am not happy being made to pay more just because you idiotic company change your policy. The contract I signed did not mention anything on usage suspension. Does that mean today if I sign a bank loan with interest rate of 5%; the next month you come back telling me – “Oh we had a policy change, rate is up to 10% now”. And I swallow this with a smile??

I am still waiting for another manager to call. Up till now – NADA.

Until this matter is solved; I will have no access to the Internet, except from the office. BOO!

I will have no access to external emails as these aren’t allowed at work.
I’ll have more posts soon, I hope.

Now I understand why so many hate Maxis.
I couldn’t agree more.

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I am using Digi now. Not bad..

Hi Alexis
Does Digi allow P2P Network applications? Any usage suspension if limit is exceeded?

Thanks for sharing :)

i have called up maxis. They have release all the blocks for the users at this moment. You can try to use it now and see whether it works. The new policy is sucks big time. The call centre having hard time to answer all the calls is because they only have 75 rep and the call is like 500 over waiting our there.

I have call up maxis 5 mins ago and they have receive the new memo from thier higher management. They will release the blocks for all user at the moment. The new policy sucks big time. I having hard time calling them because there is only 75 rep in the call centre and the call pending is about 500 over. T_T

Hi Brian
Thanks for letting me know :)
Will definitely try it out this evening!

They should have expected a spike in call volume for such ridiculous actions.

Urghhh, what is wrong with Maxis??? Who else can you complain to?

Ello Blair..
Hmm actually I dont know where else I can escalate this to. Trying to look around.

I can finally log in after they reset it. I was expecting a call from their manager but no one called.

The Bf called to demand an explanation; apparently Maxis is supposed to change this on the coming bill, but "accidentally" set it yesterday.

Would you buy an explanation like this?

Hi foxy, ya, digi allows P2P, but u need a modem with USB port. Or you use your computer as the modem, by letting others to connect from your computer.

i having the same pro again. Seems like they are having some problem again with all the user. I called and the reply is i can't get on9 for 4 days. OMG!!!

Hi Brian - I have since cancelled Maxis Broadband and subscribed to Digi. Much happier.

This was what happened:
- Maxis mentioned that the new policy will start on the next billing date (supposed to be next billing but they accidentally reset for all customers NOW).

- You need to wait till the next billing before they allow you to resume usage; UNLESS you escalate them like I did.

- I also found out that the truth was I NEVER EXCEEDED my usage. My total usage since 3 months ago was 5GB. I subscribed for 3GB a month. It was their mistake to reset for ALL customer without checking the data. Maxis admitted this themselves.

Because of all these inconveniences, I refused to risk suspension again, hence I cancelled my plan without paying the penalty charges. Simply because it wasn’t my fault.

I suggest you call them up again and ask to check your real total usage. Don't give in to them - demand your rights!

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