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Another jar of moisturizer gone...
This one goes into my favourite list.

UGB Says:
With Ginseng and various botanical extracts help to whiten and moisten your skin. Upon massage gently onto the face, the water drops are appeared for double moisturizing and they will be absorbed completely by the skin rapidly.

Price: RM169 (I got it at 50% off RM 84.50)
Nett Wt: 50g
Texture: Whitish gel, very light and water based.
Scent: Ginseng

Foxy Says:
I got this on the first day of their store opening in QB Mall last year.

When the SA tested this on my skin, the moisturizer quickly turned into tiny water droplets and promptly absorbed into my skin! And first day of opening - 50% off (I couldn't resist hehe).

I find the hydrating properties really good, as my skin don't feel dry / tight - I sit directly under the harsh air cond in the office. I only need to use a thin layer, it spreads very well without leaving a sticky feel.

Scent-wise, it may be a turn off for some ppl. It has a strong Ginseng smell, a little herbal / medicinal but that's not a problem for me.. I  actually love it. The scent disappear in minutes... I pat on my BB cream and its gone.

All in all, I really like this Aqua Cream. The only setback is that I find it expensive. I came across some reviews that this was priced at SGD40 (and considered expensive), so imagine paying RM169?? (UGB- Stop hiking up the price!

Last month UGB had a sale and this Aqua Cream were priced at RM99. Tempted (very!!) to re-purchase, but my itchy hands bought a tub of Kiehl's moisturizer during my trip to KL. So resisting for the time being..

I am gonna miss you Aqua Cream, will see you next sales hopefully!
In the mean time, Hello Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream! :)

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How much does the Kiehl's face cream cost? Gooood?

Hi, may i know any store or outlet can get the aqua cream in Malaysia?

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