Yikes.... Trembles and All Smiles.  

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Ooh so I had the LHE. Feels exactly the same with the underarm treatment, only slightlt less pain. I mean it was like rubber bands snapping onto your face for a good two rounds... I'd better look firmer!! While at it, I was thinking if I dread this tiny bit of pain for the sake of looking pretty, how on earth could ppl out there go for Botox, lasers, etc? You know, those are chronic abuse. The pain omg, I'm pretty sure LHE don't even come close! This is the last time I'm going for LHE for my face (well only because I've got a free voucher ok). And I know I know.. don't be cocky.. and never be absolutely sure of the future. So I'll re-phrase it. This is the last for now.. at least a couple of years. Happy? :P Am not supposed to scrub my face, put on weird creams and no excessive sun exposure. Feeling kinda delicate now.. so I'm gonna enjoy the next 2 days curling up on my couch with a good book (this Brit chick lits are damned entertaining!) Hopefully my skin enjoys the days off too, with only the basic nutrient I feed in... Cheerios!

Err... Duh Doop Duh Doop.. Thats My Heartbeat  

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So tomorrow I'm going for my LHE Facial, and am a little nervous. For one thing it sounds like a serious kinda treatment, and I'm worried I'll look like an idiot with red patches all over! Praying praying so praying that it will give me better skin instead... Fingers crossed! Duhh doop.. duhh doop.....

Oooh Too Rich, Baby..  

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So its been like 2 months since I started using EL Nutritious. Long enough time to let it settle and see the results yeh? Here goes: Idealist You only need one single pump for the whole face. So the 50ml bottle will probably last you 7-8 months (I'm lookin at once a day, in the morning only - to explain why below). $275 for 8 months is not too bad. Slightly over a dollar daily. I don't find that my pores are 69% smaller (you liar! lol). When you apply the lotion on, it does make my skin feel smooth.. somewhat like satin-like, hence a plus point when applying foundation later (after your moisturiser and sunblock, you know the sequence). And the magic really just end here, coz when you wash your face it goes back to the original.. maybe over time I might see some real results I was hoping for... Nutritious Day Lotion Mmm this is my favourite from the range. Same as above, only one pump for the entire face, you may need extra if you apply it to your neck. It smooths on beautifully on my face, and not greasy at all. But did it gives me a rosy pink healthy complexion? Hmmm I'll rate it about 6 out of 10 maybe( I'm pretty stressed these months... so..) $165 for 50ml, its a not bad buy me thinks :) Nutritious Night Creme Ooh la la, this is rich! I'm not particularly pleased with the texture... a tad bit too rich for my liking. And I do have tiny bumps these days, a sign of too oily? Sigh but good if you sleep in air condition (I don't) so after this $175 50ml jar, I don't think I'll go for seconds... Nutritious UV Protector Ahh this one me likes.. so far of all the sunblocks I've tried on, I like this the most. Doesn't leave any whitish traces.. but the SPF is 50. Thought that is a bit too high ain't it? I prefer this during the weekend though, when I'm out shopping / brunch. $160 for 50ml Ya know.. after all this while, what really pleases me is the Eve Taylor Face Oil #1. I can picked on my face and appear like a girl with measles (touch wood ahem!) and after applying the face oil.. the red patches just dissapear. And I thought my skin looks its best when I was using the oil together with Dermalogica's Skin Smoothing Cream (the downside is that its freaking expensive!!) I'm considering the Gentle Soothing Booster but it will rob me off $203 :( Xmas treat or New Year 2008 treat for myself?

Worth My Penny?  

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So.. yeah I've been super lazy to blog.. After about 3 weeks to a month, what do I have to say? I'm quite contented with the result.. though not like radiant a la peach. But I do see an improvement in terms of the skin texture. And I think this bottle of Refinisher can last me months.. Just one pump is enough for my whole face.. I focus more on the cheek area of course. Kinda cool... love this darling!

Mirror Mirror... 24/7  

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Ahhh so today I'm not seeing my man, that leaves me lots of ME TIME :)) I tried the Micro D Thermal and Idealist Combo again, and am very pleased this time round. Slightly red on both the apples of my cheek, but not as horrible as the last time I did *shudders*. I love lookin at myself in the mirror these days. I've beenn skipping the foundation at work, and my skin looks pretty fine. Tone is good, pores look more refined (I swear my vision is ok); I even think I see a slight glow.... Ahhh... contented now. ;)

Ooh La La - Rouge!!  

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I've been reading some reviews about the Idealist Micro D and the new Idealist Refinisher. One of the reviewers wrote about her experience about going all red after using the Micro D. So being the curious cat, I decided to give it a go, haha. I mean, I've been using it for some time, and yeah, my skin did have red patches, but what about leaving it on for about a minute or two? So I did leave it for about 2 mins, then followed by the Refinisher. Uhhmmm lemme tell you this... DON'T YOU DO THIS IF YOU HAVE A DATE THAT NIGHT!! Lolz. I was smart.. It was a stay home night when I tried it. I will never never forget those red patches... OMG, UGLY!! If it stays like that for two days, I'd cry the entire two days and take a sickie.. lol. Skin feels soft (due to the silicone in the Refinisher) but the look of the skin.. NO NO NO. But thankfully, the redness subsided after a few hours. I think the key word here is relax.. just drink lotsa water, breathe, and chill. The next morning, all gone. :) Smoother skin? Kinda. Will I do it again? Of course. I just have to select a day I don't have to go out, not even to get the papers.. Haha..

Her Hands, Her Touch  

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Tuesday - I was just tooooo lazy to blog. After a super-relaxing-oh-I-love-the-massage facial from Estee Lauder. Never mind the not so pro-looking salon environment (the real salon isn't located here). Basic cleansing, and scrub, and massage with the Daywear Moisturizer; followed by mask and serum. Oh my God.. its different from Leonard Drake. So so so so nice, with firm touches. The continuous flow of movement made me feel like a princess. Lasted 40 mins as there were no machines around. Then I was introduced to their new Pore Minimizing Idealist Skin Refinisher. Reserved one for presales day (today). The beauty advisor gave me more samples.. Hmmm making me addicted to more. I just love great hands on me...

All Settled?  

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So.. how long was it since my last entry? Just so you know, I'm a lazy blogger (see I'm honest). Oki, here how I find the Pommy Lotions from Estee Lauder: I've only tried the night cream and the day cream (gel type), so here goes. Night cream - I find the texture rich. Will be good for those lucky spoilt brats who sleeps in air conditioned room. Lol, well I don't like the air cond, so slapping on just a modest amount on my face seems ok.. The smell is nice, sort of soothing, but not yummy to the extend you wanna eat it.. (who suggested this?!) A few minutes after, I find it a tad bit sticky-ish. Not exactly my favourite texture, but.. Day cream - same thing. Abit rich compared to Dermalogica's Skin Smoothing Cream. But as a base under the make-up, its quite excellent. Well I was never a fan of too rich-textured creams.. so.. hmmm On to Day 2 and 3, I started to see tiny bumps on my face.. yikes! Pimples... :( Uhmm not major eruptions, just annoying that I'm further scarred (well, possibly!!) I must use mask, I must use mask, I must use mask.. I hoped this is just a detox phase - if this exists at all! However, I do find a hint of rosy glow... first thing in the morning... Now after about a week.. the eruptions have toned down. No I did not skipped them. I still use both, and on weekends, the Sunscreen as well. Ooh, what I like about the SPF50 tube is that it doesn't leave any whitish residues at all...(winner) So I guess I'm gonna give this range some more time to prove their wonders.. Oh and this coming Tuesday, I'm going for a facial using these products. Hope it goes well! Wish me luck ;)

Confession of a Potion Addict  

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It took me months before I give in and admit this: - I'M A SUCKER FOR LOTIONS AND POTIONS..

As usual, weekends are damaging to my purse. I came back with $380 worth of Estee Lauder and Clinique products *grins* I'm euphoric.. The highs of getting more new creams, serums - even after-shopping guilt don't come close.

I should be alarmed you know (bloody hell yeh). Should have seen my cosmetics collections. To start of with, I already spent a huge chunk on Dermalogica last December. But heck, I've gotta give Dermalogica some credits - they LAST!

8 months down the road, I still have about half a bottle of the cleanser left (and for the record, I gave 100ml to mom to let her try). And yes, I wash my face at least twice a day :P My fave - "Special Cleansing Gel" and "Essential Cleansing Solution".

Just last month the salesgirl from the salon was bugging hell outta me asking me to replenish. Crazy... why replenish when I still have loads to last me probably months down the road? She just don't understand human language and was being very pushy, at the same time trying to educate me on how to wash my face... to the point I almost wanna insult her skin condition.

The toner is pretty alright (I never really understand why we need them, just water to me, hehe). "Skin Smoothing Cream" is not oily (it just oil away my $$$). It does leave my skin well moisturized, well till the time I leave work and get into my car... the heat - I hate the hot blazing sun!

Not going back for the mask though. "Skin Hydrating Mask" is dehydrating. The facialists want me to slather on a thick layer for max 3 minutes in order to get the max effect, else it dries you up. Honestly, I'm freakin not gonna use a timer to time exactly 3 mins or get moisture sucked outta my skin. Yeah I fibbed a few times saying I actually use it every two days.. in fact, I switched to Skin Food's "Creamy Cheese Mask" and a whole list of other face packs (you'll faint when I list them down, I'm sure of it)

And during my recent facial session, the facialist actually said - "Hmm your skin is well hydrated, enough moisture". I was thinking " yeah go on thinking its the Skin Hydrating Mask that did this wonder.."

So I'm almost running out of my day moisturiser, hands were itching to get something new. Good lord, couple of weeks ago my knees went weak for Benefit Cosmetics (yes yes yes I bought some), now I've got my hands on some Estee Lauders.

The red packaging for their Nutritious range is so damn enticing. Got myself these:
- Nutritious Vita Mineral Moisture Mik
- Nutritious Restorative Night Creme

And these minis are the gifts:
- Restorative Night Creme
- UV Protector SPF50/PA++
- Vita Mineral Moisture Gel Creme
- Vita Mineral Radiance Essense
- Vita Mineral Energy Lotion

Extra gift: Purifying 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser.

Smells so yummy I wanna use them right away. But old faithfuls could still last about 1-2 weeks? Darn... I really really wanna use new stash!! :S

Oh, this spoilt girl also bought:
- Clinique Pore Minimizer Refining Serum
- Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector
- Clinique Moisture Surge Extra Thirsty Skin Relief

Nooo... I'm not that spoilt.. its the minikit that comes in a pouch ok. I just wanna see if those products really work. :P Oh boy, I need to go sort out my stash now... And boss? I need a raise.. *more grins*