Noble Sensation Aromatherapy Rose Oxygen Element Soft Mask  

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Are ppl getting long winded these days? Trend or what. Such long name - what a turn off!

I was introduced to this mask by Sasa's SA during one of my random trips there.

Being a sucker for masks, I had the itch to take it home with me, and RM14.85 for 2 just gave me more reason in doing so!

Noble Sensation says:
Aromatherapy Soft Mask Series is formulated with multi natural aromatic botanical essence, collagen, elastin, fibrin etc. It penetrates deeply into the skin and provides it with the necessary moisture and nutrient. The skin is sterilized and nourished with less visible wrinkles and a whiter healthy look. Extract will restore natural moisturizer and elasticity of the skin

Rose: Can refresh the mind, improve attention and persistence, enhance the self-confidence, make users confident and happy, as well as promote the firmness of connective tissue, fade wrinkles, whiten skin and remove spots, powerfully nourish skin, help you resiste depression and sadness.

Ingredients: Rose extract, sodium alginate, corn starch

Foxy Thinks:
Such HUGE claim! And Foxy DISAGREE, huff!

First off, the packaging is not bad (ok I was "a little" attracted to the packaging)

Inside the package were 2 sachets - 1 consist of powder, and another the essence.

So I'm supposed to mix them until I get a sticky consistency and apply it to my face, let it dry and strip it off my face.

I don't like the mixing part, cause the powder tends to bubble up, but thats not my major grit.

The scent was ok, smelled of rose, not really fake rose, not really pure either. Just tolerable sweet-ish smell.

There were 25gm/ml each so thats a big amount, and seeing I was supposed to "strip" it off my face, I'd assume this mask would turn rubbery when dry.

Wrong! It dried up to a clay consistency.
And you can strip clay off yr face, can you?

It did tightened super temporarily- because when you  wash it off you either have to rub it off vigorously; or patiently wet it with water again, and gently wipe off with a wash cloth (so what tightening!?) I did both, in the exact sequence.

So lets see:
Less visible wrinkles: How is this possible when it is so dang dang hard to wash it off?
Improve persistence: Hell yeah, desperate to get it off my face :(
Make users happy: NO
Resist depression: Are you kidding me... 

This is quite a double turn off for me.. I'm not looking forward to use another one. If I do use it, its gonna be the wet it and wipe off method.


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Pretty but mafan! Worth it?

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