Post Xmas Joys  

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Working on the last week of the year for most ppl is generally annoying.
For me, it has its perks!

1- Came back and found a lil gift on my desk from The Boss. Chocolates.. yummm.

2- Nothing much to do. Just very light follow ups etc.
3- Very peaceful. Not many are around this time.
4- Ample carparks. I park just right in front of my entrance.
5- This is the best - I work half day only, daily. Lol.

So by noon, I'm back home and taking my sweet time slow-cooking some healthy soup for dinner, updating blogs which are long overdue, sipping tea (its Gui Hua tea today), mini "make-overing" my room and watch the world goes by.

Over the past two weeks, I went to a couple of warehouse sales.
Not as huge as the ones in KL, but okay-ish.

Loreal Warehouse Sale
Guess who "officiate" the shopping basket first? Hahaha The Boyfriend!! I was surprised to find the Loreal Men Expert set in the basket. He who used to be a soap and water guy lol is now a vain pot :P Mind you he kinda like this (he got one back in July's warehouse sale) and now this is even cheaper (comes with facial wash too).

Some of the stuffs I got are:
- Maybelline Turbo Boost Mascara (Another!? Yeah.. hands itchy) RM15

- Maybelline Eyestudio Palette in Winter Iris RM15

- Loreal Cashmere Milk Makeup Remover (I'm currently using Elixir Concentrate and liking it, so giving Cashmere Milk a try now) Don't remember how much RM10/RM15

- Loreal Derma Genesis Toner RM10. I use toners like theres no tomorrow..
- Garnier Light Dark Spot Corrector RM10

- Loreal White Perfect Zooming Spot Corrector RM20 (?)  Hmm I am recently obsessed in getting rid of a tiny weeny dark spot on my cheekbone..
- Maybelline Angelfit Liquid Foundation RM20 (?)
- Loreal Derma Genesis Set RM60

 The was a small section for Vichy. Only a few items though:
- Liftactiv Pro Night: Detoxifying Anti Wrinkle & Firming Care (6x15ml - RM60)

- Liftactiv Pro: Pro Fibre Anti Wrinkle & Firming Care (2x50ml - RM60)
I've never seen this at Guardian/Watsons before, and was told these are new products. Over the recent weekend I saw these two at Guardian, and yes, labelled "NEW". Priced at RM130 for 50ml.. ooh la la. Thank my itchy hands.

- Another was for slimming (don't know the name coz I didn't buy it)
Its time I start using anti aging creams, eh? *excuses to buy*

There were many other makeup items - tons of mascaras, lipsticks, eye shadows, liners but I skipped.

Too many already *guilty* 

Also Loreal Elseve shampoos, conditioner and masks are really affordable. RM14 for the shampoos and RM10 for the mask! I didn't get any as I prefer Redken Body Full and bynature shampoos (got these from Bangkok); and I use hair mask like super slowwwww.

Metrojaya Warehouse Sale
Pretty good deals I'd say. Average about 50-80% for clothing, lingeries, handbags. Heads everywhere. Oh, random thought - where are all the well endowed women?! Walked past the lingerie section and all that were left are big sizes? *puzzled* Are there really that many small chested girls here? Heee forget abt it eh, just one of my random silly tots.

I skipped all the clothes and handbags coz I'll be heading to Bangkok soon :)
I did make a small damage with Elizabeth Arden though. Took home with me:

- EA Good Morning Skin Serum RM55
- EA Sheer White Restoring Night Cream RM62

I've started using them so I'll do a proper review soon eh.


* I forgot where I download those pictures sigh, lemme just do a search..

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Foxy, this is an EVIL post!

Congrats on the great buys though! *jealousss* hahaa~

When are you going to BKK?

I went to Metrojaya warehouse sales as well. The clothes are old ones, they did not refill new clothes since last warehouse sales. And they are not cheap too! Better buy in Bangkok. Will be looking forward for your BKK trip :) I bought Elizabeth Arden's mosturiser as well. I love EA's stuff. :)

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