Watsons Cucumber Facial Mask  

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Watsons Cucumber Facial Mask

-          Function: Firming & Moisturising
-          Made in Korea
-          Price: I remember it was around $25.90 for a box of 5. Right now Watsons is having an Xmas promo of 2 packs for $36.75

Last week or so, I was sick for a few days. Throbbing headache and runny nose a la leaking water pipe. Needless to say, my skin suffered too of course. Dull, blotchy and dry – ughh.

So I randomly picked a mask from my “This Week’s Use” drawer. Yes I have such drawer hehe. Each week I’ll select a few items from my Beauty Safe into the TWU drawer because it’s just too much hassle rummaging thru my collection.

So the lucky mask was Watsons Cucumber Facial Mask! I heard the mask gulped. I’m supposed to make her skin calmed down from the blotchiness and give it a moisture boost? Why me why now?!?

Too late to escape Cucumber Mask! Muahahhahah tore off the packaging and….

Smell: Took one whiff and the word “green” and “fresh” came into my mind. A little similar to the smell of freshly cut grass. Hmm relaxing… my nose likey.

Took a quick nap and 40mins later, my face was:

-          A LOT LESS blotchy. I think it’s the cucumber calming effect.
-          Nicely moisturized. Skin looked plumped up. And the sheet mask is still wet. Enough to wipe over my neck, arms and legs.

I don’t know if it really firms up my skin though. Didn’t notice much of a firming effect.
But overall this mask is a relaxing one with great calming and hydration effect; I think I’d pop it into the fridge next time round.

I’ll only re-purchase when it is on sale. ;)

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Hahaha.. yeah, it's called Chee Cheong Fun. i love it too :)

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