Bonne année et bonne santé !  

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Mes amies, bonne année et bonne santé !
New Year is few hours away, and it is time for … une bonne resolution!

Most of my 2009 were occupied with work, some rotten feeling times, great trips both local and overseas. And then there was the day dreaming, wanting a mansion for my “assets”, silly fun times .
I kept most of my 2009 resolutions, except for exercising 3 times a week. I only did 1 :P

So here are my resolutions:

-          Sleep earlier. I used to clock about 5 hours of sleep each night for years hehe until I realised oh whieee I’m not 18/22 anymore.  This year I improved to about average 7 hours.  Let’s see if I could do with 8, eh?

-          Recycle properly. I started with paper products and plastics (I have separate bags for them), now let’s extend to food leftovers and glass?

-          Garbage enzyme. I started my first few batches of this multi-purpose cleanser (household, not my face!) and love the fact that I’m doing a tiny part in saving Mother Earth. The smell can be really yucky depending on what ingredients I use, but heck, my floor is sparkling clean, drainpipes are smooth and my plants are healthy. Free of charge!

-          Less clutter pls! I’m a hoarder by nature, I love keeping stuffs – pretty jars, boxes, knick knacks, books, magazines, clothes, wrapping papers, I’ll stop here – you get the idea yes? Tiny secret: I started reading Cleo Malaysia back I n 1997.. and up until early this year – I KEPT EVERY SINGLE ISSUE OF IT (did I mention that I also read Women’s Weekly, Female, Cosmo, Glamour, Shape… ok I’ll stop here too.) My 3 rooms apartment; NONE of the rooms are without books and mags. I make it a point to keep only the current 2 years. Only God knew how much heartache I suffered when I sold them off lol. The lady at the recycling centre thought I was mental….

-          Eat healthier. I’m not a diet person, I don’t fancy exercise but I do know as the clock ticks by, my metabolism is one tiny bit slower. So continue with more veggies and fruits and less lard pls. Just less McDonalds and gang.. (I will miss you, Sausage McMuffin!)

-          Be consistent in my yoga practice. Since I cannot run more than 2 minutes without panting for dear life – I rely on yoga (and pilates) to fit into my skinny jeans. Just sometimes the yoga I do is Meditating in Corpse Position…. Heeee.

-          Brush up my French. I stopped at Intermediate level because I changed role at work and it has all been projects project and nothing but projects. Bof! Time to pick it up before my French teacher smacks me :P

-          Oh here comes the La La Land Resolution:
Spend less on beauty products. I assure you this is one resolution I’ll fail, for sure. But then, some resolutions are meant to be broken, so the next year you won’t run out of ideas, yeh? If I keep all the above and just break this tiny one, ain’t too bad doncha think? (Mentally screwed) :P

I really shouldn’t buy anymore of these:
-          Body scrubs. I have 7, currently using 3.
-          Hand creams. I have 17 new ones, and another 8 scattered in my bag, office, etc.
-          Body butter. I have 17 new ones, and another 6 scattered.
-          Shower gels. I have 13 new ones, currently using 4.

Ok, stock checking is a bad bad bad idea. Basically no more skincare, makeup, clothes. IF there is a long term curfew imposed, I’ll be able to survive for ages without running out of these items.

I’ll just post up reviews one by one, yeh?

But hah! As if I can stop buying… (now you know why this is a La La Land Resolution).
Pls just shove this list to my face when I get the itch…
I should probably start a Reversed-Resolution list :D

So what are your resolutions dearies?

Now that’s a lengthy one! I shall stop blabbing and continue clearing some clutter.
Then I’m off to my Anniversary Dinner. Today marks my 2 year relationship with The Boyfriend :)

Resolutions start now, pronto pronto!

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