January 2010 Giveaways  

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Whieee time for giveaways :)

My Sweet Fix has one here. Theres been lots of rave about this shielding lotion, so good luck!


Skin MD Natural's Valentine's Day Giveaway is here.
The prizes:
  1. A Bottle Skin MD Natural shielding lotion
  2. A Bottle Skin MD Natural + SPF 15 shielding lotion
  3. One pound of See's dark assorted chocolates
  4. 12 Starbucks VIA Ready brew coffee pouches
  5. A "Kiss Me" mug
  6. A Cuddly teddy bear
  7. Lollipop Bouquet
  8. All in a lined wicker basket

Estee Lauder Hydra Complete Multi Level Moisture Eye Gel Creme  

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Pic from Estee Lauder's site.

I finished another jar of eye cream, yay!

Estee Lauder Says:
Product Details:
Gives the delicate skin around your eyes the feeling of endless hydration with this refreshing gel-creme

Hydrates away fine lines
Eye area looks revitalised

Replenishes Moisture Around Eyes
Includes a proven combination of mineral rish Bio-Water and exclusive Hydra-Insulation technology.

Exclusive Biosine helps this vulnerable area maintain and strong moisture barrier.

Soothes Lines, Puffiness
This delightfully refreshing gel creme instantly hydrates away fine, dry eye lines.

Overtime, an innovative blend of  Hypnea Algae Extracts helps reduce visible puffiness

Foxy Says:
Texture: White creme (didn't look / feel like gel-creme to me)
Scent: Light powdery, not over-powering
Size: 15ml (the one I used was a 5ml jar from GWP)

Overall, this is another so-so product from EL. It came in a jar, I didn't really fancy dipping my finger into it and then dab on my eye areas (but I like keeping jars hmm). I use a mini spatula for all my jar/tub creams.

Does it hydrates well? I'd say not bad. A basic hydrating eye cream is what I'll label this. Nothing more. Eyes area looked fresh and moist, feel moisturized; BUT this doesn't last all day.
Max for me is about half a day.

Won't be re-purchasing this unfortunately.

UGB Aqua Cream  

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Another jar of moisturizer gone...
This one goes into my favourite list.

UGB Says:
With Ginseng and various botanical extracts help to whiten and moisten your skin. Upon massage gently onto the face, the water drops are appeared for double moisturizing and they will be absorbed completely by the skin rapidly.

Price: RM169 (I got it at 50% off RM 84.50)
Nett Wt: 50g
Texture: Whitish gel, very light and water based.
Scent: Ginseng

Foxy Says:
I got this on the first day of their store opening in QB Mall last year.

When the SA tested this on my skin, the moisturizer quickly turned into tiny water droplets and promptly absorbed into my skin! And first day of opening - 50% off (I couldn't resist hehe).

I find the hydrating properties really good, as my skin don't feel dry / tight - I sit directly under the harsh air cond in the office. I only need to use a thin layer, it spreads very well without leaving a sticky feel.

Scent-wise, it may be a turn off for some ppl. It has a strong Ginseng smell, a little herbal / medicinal but that's not a problem for me.. I  actually love it. The scent disappear in minutes... I pat on my BB cream and its gone.

All in all, I really like this Aqua Cream. The only setback is that I find it expensive. I came across some reviews that this was priced at SGD40 (and considered expensive), so imagine paying RM169?? (UGB- Stop hiking up the price!

Last month UGB had a sale and this Aqua Cream were priced at RM99. Tempted (very!!) to re-purchase, but my itchy hands bought a tub of Kiehl's moisturizer during my trip to KL. So resisting for the time being..

I am gonna miss you Aqua Cream, will see you next sales hopefully!
In the mean time, Hello Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream! :)

Hello New Look :)  

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New Year, New Blog Look!
So what do you think? Looks neater?

I finally know what went wrong with my pictures... different template shows them differently.
On some the pics looks screwed.. on others they look fine..

Lesson learnt - always test it on a "test blog" first ;)
Be back with posts soon.. work is ramping up, I think its gonna suck the life outta me till mid April! Bof!

Scentio Skin Refining & Whitening Scrub  

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I got this tube from Beauty Buffet (MBK outlet) when I was in Bangkok last March. In all honesty I was attracted to the milk carton packaging hehehe (I don't actually need another scrub :P ).

Scentio Says:
Milk Plus enhances exfoliating process, promotes the growth of healthy new skin cells, while milk essence and herbal extracts helps to moisturize and nourish your skin leaving it radiant and soft to the touch.

Contains milk essence, herbal extract, trypsin protein and natural fruit BHA.
The natural BHA and trypsin unclogs the skin's pores, promote the growth of healthy new skin cells and help to prevent the formation of acne.

Texture: Clear white gel, with super tiny bead bubbles (you can't actually feel the beads)
Nett Wt: 100 ml
Scent: The moment I squeeze it out, smells like sweet vanilla + coconut. Quite strong but not overpowering.
Price: Less than THB200
Other: Not tested on animals.

Foxy Says:
I love this! Remember Ginvera Marvel Gel - the cult product back in like a decade ago?
Hmm this is Thailand's own Marvel Gel I say... :)
I find this very gentle, does not "scratch the skin". Not bothered with the scent, but those who don't like coconut smell won't really like this product.

I reckon this Whitening Scrub is supposed to be used on dry skin; just like Marvel Gel. But with BB Cream on I always cleanse my face first and then pat it dry before I proceed with this scrub.

It took a little longer to ball up into dry flakes. Washes off pretty easily.
Skin feels smoother and brighter after each use. - Double check
Does it help to prevent acne? - This I don't think so.. I still have the occasional stubborn tiny spots..
Nevertheless, I think this is great and will repurchase.

Oh, a note to this. I really think it works best with completely dry skin.
I just used this tonight - feeling rather lazy after gym so I didn't really pat it dry. Was kinda damp when I smooth this gel on - It didn't work. It became creamy.. like cream cleanser. And feels sticky on my fingers.
So if you do get this, dry ya skin first ;)

Maxis Broadband Is A Huge Disappointment  

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I have been using Maxis Broadband for about 2 months +, close to 3 now.
So far I don’t find it better than Streamyx, but not much of a complain since I need to work from hometown from time to time. Instead of applying another phone line for Streamyx, why not give wireless a try eh?

Big mistake.

I tried to login last night but once connected I couldn’t browse ANY website at all. All I got were Maxis pages, telling me the page I want is not available and I should contact Maxis. Another said I have exceeded my usage and should consider upgrading my subscription.

When I signed up, I clearly asked what would happen if I exceeded the usage limit. I was told that the speed would slow down a lot, can’t really download stuffs, BUT I could still SURF! That was why I ended up signing a year’s subscription.

I called the Toll Free number. DOES NOT WORK.
I think I called at least a dozen time – lines are always busy.
“Pls try again later”.
WTH? – You call this a “call-centre” ?

When I finally got to talk to a rep, I was told that Maxis had a policy change effective yesterday – 4th Jan 2010. Where once a user exceeded the usage limit, you no longer has access to the internet till your next billing date. Was there a communication in the form of SMS / Email / Mail to inform this?

Am I happy with this? – HECK NO.

So I now have 3 options:
1- Terminate my subscription and pay the penalty fees of RM200
2- Upgrade my subscription – pay more.
3- Wait till my next billing date to resume usage; and be contented.

I don’t like any of the above options. Maxis is not giving me a solution. I asked for his manager’s contact, and was put on hold for about 10-15 mins. Oh so you need that much time to get your “manager” on the line. And “the manager” can’t do nuts about it. Kept asking us to upgrade.

I then asked for his next level manager. He doesn’t know who!?
Can you believe this? A manager level employee doesn’t know who his superior is?

The Idiotic company sure hires a lot of Idiots. Was getting really mad so an ultimatum given to him –
“I give you 5 mins – come back with a name for me!” and yes, he did gave me a name within 5 mins.


As a customer, I am not happy being made to pay more just because you idiotic company change your policy. The contract I signed did not mention anything on usage suspension. Does that mean today if I sign a bank loan with interest rate of 5%; the next month you come back telling me – “Oh we had a policy change, rate is up to 10% now”. And I swallow this with a smile??

I am still waiting for another manager to call. Up till now – NADA.

Until this matter is solved; I will have no access to the Internet, except from the office. BOO!

I will have no access to external emails as these aren’t allowed at work.
I’ll have more posts soon, I hope.

Now I understand why so many hate Maxis.
I couldn’t agree more.