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I've been reading about the oil cleansing method, and also how natural oil benefits our skin better than other skincare.

Very tempted to try when I saw women who practice this method have flawless, glowy skin! Soooo... jealous? :P

So I did some reading up, and decided to give it ago..
Wanted to start with sesame oil and castor oil for deep cleansing purpose. But didn't exactly know where to get these from. Went to an indian groceries shop and they don't know what is castor oil.. sigh.

I finally went to the "Indian Street" where there are rows after rows of shops selling spices, groceries, sarees etc. 

And I found these :D 

Yeah, packaging is a little plain boring, but its the content that matters, hee.
Did I mention these are very affordable too? Less that RM3 each!

As I read that Castor Oil could be drying, I ratioed my concoction to 30% Castor Oil and 70% Sesame Oil. Gave it a good shake to mix them up..

Foxy Finds:
- 30-70 ratio is still a little too thick in consistency to massage it onto skin. May want to add a little olive oil..

- Castor oil has a deep strong scent, not too relaxing on certain (mostly) stressfull days. I added a few rosebuds into the glass bottle. :)

- I tried this as a makeup remover, removing Lancome Teint Miracle 03 + blusher. Look at that gunk! Just pat it on, let it sit for a few seconds, swiped it off and whoaaa all the dirts are off..

I didn't think I believe this oil can clean so well.. so I tested with a new clean cotton pad + toner... and did a swipe test..

- Look at thaaaaaat! Nothinzzzz :D

- I'm so sold hahahhaha.

However, I do have another 64215423524 tubes of cleanser in my treasure boxes... so I'm really keen to finish off those tubes and just fully use this all natural method :)

Ok, maybe I'll just use this method at night... so I'm allowed to re-stock some favourite cleansers for day use? :P

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hahaha...you got so many cleansers meh ? You can be the supplier of cleanser ady ! hahaha...
Anyway thanks for sharing this awesome post ^^

Very good purchase. I loved using oil for makeup removal too!

@ Anna: Lol alot are GWPs as I rarely splurge on expensive cleansers hehe. Now I'm glad I did not :D

@ BT: My only regret is I didn't try this sooner! But better late than never right.. I'm tempted to try Organic Grapeseed oil next :)

Hi! I'm looking for castor oil too. Can I know which indian street you went? Is it masjid india?

Hi Bunga
I got it from Beach Street :)

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