Skin Diary: Late Sept - Early Oct  

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Just a quick update on my current skin condition.

I noticed some changes since about 3 weeks back. No drastic change to my lifestyle / diet / sleeping pattern; so I'm wondering why the "phase". I tried skipping my BB cream to see which is the culprit - nope not the BB Cream (I miss you BB Cream!)

- My cheeks and forehead feels dry, tightness after each wash and after lunch-hour heat.

- Some red patches on my cheeks. Looks flushed, but not the nice type of flush, sigh.

- Tiny bumps (white heads) along my jawline.

- Some mild itchiness at the jawline. The spot where it itches feels dry.

- Less mid-day shine. Instead feels kinda tight and itchy.

I have a feeling these started when I switched to the highly raved Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. Funny enough, when I sampled it, I liked it. Now.. I find it rather silicone-y. Ugh and 125ml! 

I leave that to my elbows and shoulders. 

So I again switched, this time to Etude Perfect Balance Finish Lotion. Not moisturizing enough sigh. Still experience the tight feeling. I guess with my previous normal skin condition this lotion would work just nice for me. Not too oily, just enough moisture and shine control.

Unfortunately for now, I think I'd better change to something richer till those dry patches subside. Or amp up my moisturizing serum. I previously used Clinique Turnaround Concentrate with DDML. 

Time for a skin detox.

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