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Am supposed to post this up like the min I came back from Taiwan... but ya know, my hauls are still lying on the floor after 2 weeks... :D

Earlier this year, I ordered some stuffs from Eyeko and they sent me a couple of these cleansing wipes as GWP. Now usually at home, there is no need for me to use cleansing wipes. Kinda pointless since I'd always double cleanse (even though the evil bed at times tried to entice me to it with makeup on).

So when I packed for my Taiwan trip, I thought it was then or never.
The trip did exhaust my skin to its worst, so I went makeup-less starting Day 4, or 5?

Couldn't find any info on this from Eyeko's site (I wonder why?)
But here are the ingredients:

I had on the Bio Essence BB Cream (ughh I dislike it, will tell you why later), with some pressed powder and blusher. Lipgloss and no mascara.

After like 10 hours, I wiped my face with the cleansing wipe and that was what I got.. hehe not an interesting sight. But that showed it somehow worked, eh?

It was pre-moistened just enough for a proper whole face wipe down.

No signs of stinging, redness and itchiness - brownie points!
Don't remember my nose hating it, so scent wise - its all good too.
Can't really vouch if it gave me breakouts (though I think it was very likely the Bio Essence BB Cream that did it!)

In short, I think this is nice to have, but not a must for ppl like me who insist on proper cleansing every evening.

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