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Yes, its already Wednesday.. heee but I was busy packing for my trip.. still haven't finish :P

Previously I used to complete my packing 2 weeks in advance. This year, all my trips were last minute packing.. I wonder why!

Anyway, these are what attracted me over the weekend:

Whoaaa not another new collection from Crabtree and Evelyn!? I need to save aiiii. But looks very pretty me thinks. Purple hmmm :) Going to redeem my freebie soon, hopefully tomorrow.

Guess what attracted me to this? Yep, purple! Haha then followed by Organic. The have quite a complete range;- toner, lotion, cream, mask. Looks promising, but I won't be buying these for now.

Maybe after my Taiwan trip and/or when I finish up some of my existing products first :)

And then I stumbled upon these (Oh Lord..)

Yes, by now you know.. PURPLE. Whats with me and purple?
I don't know? Just.. very very seductive me thinks..

and as if the above are not enough, here is another one from the morning papers:

With ingredients like Frangipani & Night Blooming Jasmine, together with purple and Tease.. does it not just scream SEXY?!

Sigh dreamily...

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What a romantic Anna Sui perfume... anyway, happy holidays ("V)

Thank you Beautyknot :D
Finally finished packing... see ya in another week's time :)

hahaha..how come we fall in love in the same things huh ? lol ! Guess the purple do the wonders ! XD

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