Aloe Wrap  

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Sometimes due to the unpredictable weather, our skin may react negatively. Common problems like dry red patches, itchy skin, gives unpleasant feeling. Aloe is known for its soothing properties; with a whopping 75 nutrients! Thus this will be an ideal easy to do home spa treatment! :) You will need: - Fresh aloe juice (you can mix with store bought aloe juice, but it is widely available, so why not use fresh ones?) - Some banana leaves (enough to cover the body) - Sarong or big towel - Lime / lemon - Lavender spritz (this is optional) How you do it: - First smear the aloe juice all over the body. (good time for a simple massage while doing this) - Spritz some lavender mist for relaxation - Cover body with banana leaves - Place the sarong / towel on the leaves (to capture heat) - Relax! :) ** Some culture frown upon lying down on banana leaves as it is similar to a cremation ceremony. Hence place them on top of body instead.. or replace it with plastic?

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