War With My Purse  

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Back Entry: 22nd July 2009 - On holidays back in hometown I went on a shopping sehhhpreeee again… I love it that Etude is having sales till end of next month. I got a nail buffer for $3.54 after a 40% discount. Next is the Moistfull Mist for mom. Priced $18.83 (NP $26.90) for 50ml. The description: Delicate mist spray supplies refreshing and immediate moisture relief. Mom loves the Avene mist, but not the price tag. So I got her this to see how it compares to Avene. And for moi – their Star Product Black Head Final Kit. Comes with a toner and a pore tightening cream – 60ml and 15ml respectively. So the toner is supposed to make the blackadees pop out, and the cream to close back the pores. Seems too good to be true? I have to try it. Priced at $41.93 (NP $59.90) Toner – 60ml Active Ingredients: Balm Mint, Peppermint, Sage and Mistletoe extracts Directions: Following facial cleansing, dispense toner to cleansing pad until wet and adhere wet pad to nose. Remove pad after 10-15mins. Gently wipe away raised blackheads with dry cleansing pad. Smoothing Cream – 15ml Directions: After black head remover application, use finger to apply cream to nose. Massage with finger until cream is absorbed into skin. The trip would be incomplete without popping into Watsons and Guardian. From Guardian, I bought Himalaya Herbals Purifying Mud Pack 150ml @ $21.15 (NP $24.90). Comes with a free dental cream on pack.. yippiee! Double bonus :) This mud pack is for oily skin, with fuller’s earth and walnut. Suppose to firm, tighten and rejuvenate the skin; and impart a natural glow. Also to clean the clogged pores, removes blackheads, restore skin’s elasticity, control blemishes and minimize wrinkles… (my all in one tube of mask?) Previously I tried their Neem Face Pack and I really like it. It really cleared up my blemishes, tiny bumps of pimpies and all. I didn’t re-purchase because I don’t have pimple prone skin anymore.. (perasanz, and touch wood!) Now thinking to try another product, so here it is. The Mud Pack. Will see how it stands next to the Neem Pack. The best time to shop really is when the sale is on! I wriggled my ass into Hot Market hoping to find some goodies on the cheap. Nothing particular in mind, I’m just happy not working and wanting to spend some happy money (me no Richie though). Turns out the hair combs are on 50% off.. I’m trying to grow my fringe and gets really irritated coz they are all over the wrong places, blocking my eyes. I’m so close to chopping it off during my monthly salon visit. Thought why not try hair combs. I don’t like looking like a china girl, but there’s always “elegant Chinese lady” *ahem* Puking is not allowed :P Those hair combs come in pair nowadays. Got a black pair and another with green jewels. $3.50 after a 50% discount. And then I saw it…. The 70% off sign. So I flew to the section where they display all the beads, bracelet and necklace. Most of them look blah.. and super common. Somehow my hands won’t stop touching; and finally found a nice necklace with brown pearl lookalike earrings.. for $1.80 (NP$6) *smiles* Matches my brown sundress perfectly!

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