Java Wrap  

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The Javanese women use this wrap 40 days after childbirth to help them slim down. I was thinking, since this is slimming, we can use it too? The ingredients help to flush out toxins, bacteria and helps the lymphatic system rejuvenates. The Ingredients: - Eucalyptus (antiseptic, good for digestion) - Crushed sea stone / coral ( calcium & minerals, firms) - Fresh lime juice (astringent, flush toxins) - Betel leaf (to cleanse womanly odour) - Massage oil ( containing mint & eucalyptus essential oil, anti viral) - Cotton cummerbund (8-10 metres long, for binding) 1. Mix the ingredients with massage oil, about half a cereal bowl. 2. Rub the mixture to the tummy, let dry a while. 3. Wrap the cummerbund tightly, starting under the bottom and weaving upward the waist. 4. Leave for 20 mins, shower and moisturize.

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