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They recently offer a free session of "Skin Perfect Session" and a free set of skincare product to readers who SMS in their details. Being very curious to see what is their service level, I happily SMS away. No harm for a free trial, eh? ;)

NYSS' turnaround time is pretty quick. The next day itself, their customer service agent called me. Correct me if I'm wrong - the purpose of the call is "to set an appointment" for a facial. And I know for sure after or before the facial session, there will be a "consultation session" where they will try to suck out as much blood possible from you.

But this girl proceed to "educate" me about skin care, how our skin problems start, etc. It wasn't a problem for me as I was on my way out for lunch, but it annoys me when ppl who call themselves professional in the service industry appears stupid?

You don't tell a potential customer that you can pay by credit card installment when I have not even try out the service! What is the 1 hour consultation session for if not to explain all these craps? So fast forward a week later - today: I went for the session.

What I found out about NYSS:
- the girls do not speak fluent English
- they assume every Chinese customer speaks Mando
- they claimed to have a wide customer base including overseas customers. Ohh so all the foreign customers speak Mando? How convincing....
- they do not offer 1 time / individual facial sessions
- all the treatments come in 5 or 10 sessions - bloody expensive ( we're looking at $4000 for 10 sessions)

For this price I can get 6 stars treatment from a reputable salon. - the first consultant told me I can ask her questions if I don't understand anything. So I decided to test her a little. I asked her about the products.

Simple one - where are they manufactured. "Oh formula is from US, but we made them locally. Cheaper." Ok, so where is the factory? "Errmm I read before but I forgot, hehe" So much for TRAINED therapist. *cringe*

What puts me off:
- the consultant by the name Zeda was oozing friendliness and sweetness. Untill I told her I'm not interested in signing up any packages.
- I came for the trial facial to see how I like their basic service. She tried to get me upgrade to $ treatment. How convincing
- I dont even know if I like the way you carry out the facial, and you're trying to get me spend my money first?
- first - there are only 10 sessions. Then 5. And 3 when I declined further.
- the sweet face turned sour in a blink of an eye when I insisted to go for the TRIAL - BASIC session. Not that I care how your face soured anyway.

The Worse:
- the facial experience is as bad as Bluunis'.
- the swiftness and gentleness of the movements is nothing compared to Leonard Drake
- she was rough, and I could feel her unwillingness (those who frequent facial sessions will know what I mean)
- after the double cleansing
- she LEFT the room for an eternity
- without notifying whats happening or how long. There was no toner or any of that shit applied on my face.
- she made a few more trips in an out, and finally settled on a cool mist. Extraction was again worse than Leonard Drake.
- then a mask on me and left the room again. I was annoyed so when she came back I asked her how long is the session supposed to be - 1.5 hours. She put on some moisturizer and that was it. DONE. HELLO!!! 1.5 hours
- you actually wait 1 hour, the 30mins is for the mask and cleansing.

The Aftermath:
Zeda tried her luck asking me again if I'd change my mind about the packages. I'd be a dumb ass if I say yes. After the sour plummed face, and the sleaziest trial facial ever, ya think I'd part with 4k? If trial was that bad.. I do not wanna imagine the full treatment to customer who HAS PAID money.

The Worst?
You wouldn't believe this.. but they pretended they forgot my free set of skincare! I wonder how are these ppl called professionally trained therapists. If so, Leonard Drake's therapists must be Goddesses! All in all, it was also a benefit for me, ONLY because I stood firm and said NO. I have no intention of going back there - plenty of bad reviews out there. I just had to try it myself.

Oh there is a positive side of this - The skincare set is not bad! *pictures coming soon* Score out of 5: 1

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