Clinique Week – Day 3  

Posted by: Foxy Frangipani

Back Entry: 20th July 2009 - When I was on holidays, went back hometown :) I’ve declared that this whole week would be Clinique Week. I’ll be using all Clinique products to see how my skin likes them. Today is Day 3. I’m using their Basic 3 Step system, together with their 7-Day Scrub. The cleanser lathers well; and I don’t find it too drying for my skin. The 7-Day Scrub smells a little “clinic-ky”, not harsh, but grainy enough for a good scrub. Even though I use it everyday – it doesn’t irritate my skin. Plus point – it makes my skin really soft and smooth – and no redness *thumbs up* Priced at $88 I realized why some people find Clinique toner harsh. It contains alcohol, the moment I swiped it over my skin, it dried almost instantly. But if used according to what the therapist taught me – just wipe over one area ONCE; I see pretty good result. After that I massaged on Dermo Genesis Serum by Loreal (I have a tiny trial tube that I’m trying to finish). Smoothed on easily but I don’t see any obvious effects; err…. Because I have young good skin? *perasanz* Then the much raved about Dramatically Different Moisturizer; $135 for 125ml. The result? I likes! My skin feels supple and moist. I also tried their sample Supermoisture Makeup (64 – Cream Beige M-G). Stated there it is meant for “Very dry to dry combination Skin”. “Continuous hydration. Creamy texture is surprisingly refreshing and lightweight. Sheer to moderate coverage. Dewy finish.” All checked – so true. It blended very well, and doesn’t feel thick or gooey. And after a few hours, there was little shine (well I have oily combination skin) but passed as glowy I supposed. All in all, no breakouts. No red patches. No oiled roti canai pans… me likey!

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