Mint Julep To The Rescue!  

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I tell you, they are evil and have minds of their own!
They know I have a Service Award dinner tomorrow, and voila, they pop up on my chin - meet Mr Pimple!
Dang, I ran out of tumeric powder for a quick detox mask...

So my next best option - Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask.

I don't use this often because:
- It not easily available in Malaysia (boo)
- I got a small tube of 56g for $19 (USD5.40)! Holy.. that is a rip off! Walgreens sometimes has BOGO at USD3 for 226g!

I love it because:
- It really helps to clear off those nasties quick
- It doesn't leave me red patches, nor stings
- My nose don't hate it, minty like chewing gum :)
- It doesn't harden much when it dries.
- The cooling feeling stays.. mmm soothing...
- Spreads easily, soft texture but not runny
- I wish I can say because its cheap (it really is in the US) but... :(

Anyway, I'm hoping the red pop would pack and go by the time I wake up tomorrow.
Maybe I'll pat on some "bedak sejuk" on it.. nyehahahahah

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