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Getting woken up to on a weekend isn't exactly the nicest feeling in the world. But when I was woken up by the DHL delivery guy, I was all excited and rushed to the parcel :P
After hesitating for about an year, I finally pulled the plug and placed an order for the Olay ProX Cleansing System brush. :D Knowing myself I would never spend RM500-RM890 for a Clarisonic.
For about 6-7 years now, I've been using one from Watsons. It is also battery operated and I love how after each use, it facilitates the removal of whiteheads. The heads would be visible and halfway out, so all I had to do was use a cotton swab to remove. No need to pinch!
Sadly Watsons doesn't carry this anymore. And the brush head is almost dead by now. So that is why I had to look for another..
This came pretty fast, about 5 days. Neatly packed and nothing was dented.
Unlike the many reviews I've read, it wasn't difficult to remove the battery cap at all.
A closer look.
I've since used this twice, and really liking it much. It gives me the feeling of after using a muslin cloth + face scrub. Sans the redness. I like grainy scrubs, but they usually makes my skin red a little. The brush feels soft, so suitable for sensitive skin too.
My cheeks area looks clearer, but I think it is too early to tell. My goal is to see reduction of blackheads on my nose haha.
Had I tried to wake up early and went for a jog thenn breakfast, I would have missed this baby. Sleeping in is great after all.. ;)

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